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Simply put, Punk Floyd is a psychedelic folk journey of appreciation through Floyd’s music.  It creates a subdued, but still able party vibe of fun while being respectful to the structure of the music.  The band Punk Floyd is without a doubt technically sound with clever harmonies and upper registers that are relaxed and somewhat heartfelt actually.  There is no muscularity here, it is all tempered and is an act of transformation while they pay homage.  There was a larger and larger gathering at the Cambridge Folk Festival as they began their set, filling and packing the area tighter as the Sunday evening rolled on.  Sitting with the soft, easy energy of the band as we chatted I got a full sense of what it is that they are trying to create and you can see, it is a joyful adventure for all of them.


What road did you guys travel to get to playing folk? Did you have other incarnations before you ended up doing this?

This all started as a project in a basement.  It was a project to do Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ but in different styles of music.  We weren’t actually a band first, we were just separate musicians with various backgrounds. It turned out quite folky.  It was quite well-received.

And, you felt comfortable being in the folk genre from then on?

Yeah, and we were happy to get a gig out of it so now we are a band! [laughs]

Being the in home county of Pink Floyd and playing this historic festival must be a real full circle moment and obviously this crowd is going to be paying attention…

Thanks for that!  The thing, its easier if you do something completely different.  I think people can forgive more than if you were trying to do exactly the same thing.

What do you think maybe it is about folk music that is so universal?

I think music in general is universal.  We all come from different backgrounds; soul, punk and rock. And, Swedish folk music as well.  In that tradition, in the summer, we have gatherings where you play and if you bring your fiddle, for example, you can join.  It’s very inclusive.  And, sometimes, Pink Floyd music can be sort of a bit limited, it’s not everyone’s music, and with folk, it sort of works as a bridge.  Which makes it more accessible actually to those who may not have warmed to it before.

Do you find that with the die-hard Pink Floyd fans that they are receptive to your version of the classic songs?

I think most of them are, some aren’t.  Some are surprised and happy and say that it is completely different and yet the same thing.  A lot times, when we play with other tribute bands, they try to do Pink Floyd like Pink Floyd.  And, they are the fans are mostly 50 year-old men and they bring their wives and girlfriends come along, they don’t like it.  But, they we play, and the women like us.  A lot of wives have said they prefer us and our version! [laughs]

Where would you like this band to take you? Are there dream venues you have your eyes on?

It’s not really about the destination, it’s more about the journey.  It’s the one we are taking together.  Just doing this, sitting on a bus driving from Sweden to Cambridge, who does that?! Who gets to experience that? It’s amazing.  We would like to play anywhere, it is such fun.

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

Nothing that is planned, we will see where this road leads!


Words by:  Dana Miller


Photos by © PremiumPhotographic


Dana Miller