At the historic Cambridge Folk Festival, the musically brilliant Jack Broadbent took some time to discuss his origins in music, playing with Ronnie Wood and what lies ahead for rest of the year and into 2020.

Categorically, this is an artist like you have never seen before.  Jack can alternate between blues and folk without any hesitation and it all feels organic and true as he does so.  With every song, he just kills it.  Why everyone does not know his name is an absolute crime.  You can wring the blues out of him as he is soaked in it.  His trajectory will explode as audiences catch the wind of him.


Finding His Way To Music


What brought you to music in the first place?

My father is a musician, so how could I resist?! He continues to be an exceptional musician. High quality songwriting and musicianship. He is inspiring.


How did you find your way to the slide guitar?

I used to do busking and it was something that sort of fell into my lap and it made sense to make that progression.


Who influenced you the most to find your own sound?

Um, me! (Laughs) I listened to a lot of Littlefeet, growing up, that was my dad’s influence, and loved it so was drawn to it. Additionally, I thought, how can I make as much noise as possible, with one instrument and slide guitar seemed to do the trick!


You played for Ronnie Woods, what was that experience like for you?

It was a great experience! It was nice to know that he was in the room. I think having someone like that there helps you play a bit better and dig a little deeper. That is why I like playing with my dad, he sets the bar high for me.


You have some more touring coming up, any shows that you are particularly looking forward to?

I have some dates in America as well as Sweden and Copenhagen and I am really looking forward to those performances. I am very excited about Scandinavia and the States. Therefore, am I excited? Yes, about all of the above! (Laughs)


Are there any artists here at the festival that you are looking to catch?

Wishing I had seen Graham Nash and Jose Gonzales last night, a real shame I missed them! I was really sad to have missed them, big fans of both of those artists.

jack broadbent musician
jack broadbent at cambridge folk festival  by @premium_photographic

Jack Broadbent And The New Album


What does 2020 hold for you?

My new album comes out next year, Moonshine Blue. My father is playing on it too along with the piano player from Lynard Skynard as well. It is one to look out for. I will be back next year for more touring in the UK in the New Year. The album drops the end of this year in like October and November.


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Dana Miller