‘Boundaries’ by Jamila Woods – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★

Jamila Woods, the singer-songwriter from Chicago in the United States, has recently released a single, ‘Boundaries’. It is quickly becoming one of our new favourites. The new delivery is also the first solo effort from the breakout artist in 2022, and the aura it provides is gravitating.

As it progresses, ‘Boundaries’ leaves us feeling at ease, and its breezy smoothness carries us away. Additionally, it is a track that helps advance the development of the R&B and soul genres. Also, it makes use of fresh territory while concurrently maintaining its relevance to the context in which it surrounds itself. Since Jamila emerged from the underground for the first time, she has been investigating this one-of-a-kind angle, and she pushes the envelope even further here!

The song begins with an introduction that sounds somewhat Spanish and welcomes us like the warm sun of summer. Also, the guitar picks away with tones that appeal to the ear before Jamila delivers a top-notch performance with her vocals. She sings with her heart firmly on her sleeve and bounds forth confidently in what she has to offer.

Jamila said about the track: “‘Boundaries’ is a song about the negotiation between private and shared space in a new relationship, the risk involved in letting someone get close enough to see your rough edges.”

You can take a listen to ‘Boundaries’ by Jamila Woods below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So, do you think that this is one of the best new releases from Jamila Woods? Also, are you looking forward to more releases from the rising star?

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Emily Harris