Genre-bending soul and funk rocker Just Loud has just released the official video for his brand new single, ‘Diamonds and Dope Boys’. The visual captures the grandeur of an abandoned rectory – though it is timeworn, it beautifully refracts light just like a diamond. ‘Diamonds and Dope Boys’ stands as Just Loud’s most striking stylistic divergence yet, a weightless funk cut that’s as reminiscent of The Love Below-era OutKast as it is fellow traveler Childish Gambino’s narcotic funk fantasias.

While the industry is bursting with glitz, glamour and diamonds all around, Just Loud penned the song to himself as a reminder to continue his budding career with humility.

‘Diamonds and Dope Boys’ is available as an instant download with the pre-order of Just Loud’s forthcoming self-titled debut album out November 16th via Five Seven Music – CLICK HERE.

Similar to how diamonds bend light, Just Loud alters and refracts his myriad influences to form his own lane of modern R&B, soul, 80s rock and a dash of pop. His musical multidimensionality has garnered him buzz throughout the summer as one to watch.

His debut single ‘Electrified’ is about to crack the Top 20 at Alternative Radio, has amassed over 1.3 million streams on Spotify and 1 million YouTube views, and has been featured on playlists such has Spotify’s New Music Friday, New Noise and Digging Noise, as well as Apple Music’s Jumpstart and The A-List: Alternative.

Just Loud also recently released his infectious, funky song ‘Soul Train’ feat. Debbie Harry of Blondie, featuring a glittery rhythm line, palm-muted guitar and irresistible chorus. In the video, Just Loud and Debbie engage in a high speed chase brought to life through ‘70s-inspired animation with a modern edge. The video has had more than 1 million YouTube views and was directed by world-renowned Kidmograph (Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Tiesto). Watch the video HERE.

Additionally, keep an eye out for clues starting on September 10th as Just Loud & Debbie’s #WhyAreTheyWanted campaign will launch globally.

George Millington