Justin Bieber is back with new track ‘Yummy’ and despite its ridiculous name, it’s actually good.

Take away the vocals and I doubt ‘Yummy’ would sit too out of place on a Drake album. However, it does have the signature Bieber sound and although grown up now, Bieber does bring back vibes from his early days.

A pretty sublime vocal from Bieber greets us but it does start to get slightly repetitive. Nevertheless it works. Also, the more I listened to it the more I liked it. I would not say its made it onto my personal playlist yet but I cannot say it bothers me when I hear it. Which is good because its everywhere! When I was getting my hair cut recently, the barber was humming away to it. Also, even a trip to Holland last week, I could not seem to escape it with every shop I went in playing it.

The track gives off a feel good summer vibe. It also sounds as though Justin is in a far better place than he has been in previous years. He also sounds very content at the moment which is great to hear.

For me, the verses are the true goods here. But that may just be because I heard someone on a tube recently singing ‘Yeah I vape, Yeah I vape’ and now I cannot shake that out of my head with the ‘Yeah Babe’ lines.

Baby And Sorry

He likes repeating his words doesn’t he? First we had ‘Baby’, then ‘Sorry’ and now we have ‘Yummy’. However, not exactly a poet with his chorus’ Bieber does deliver catchy vocals which do stick to you like a Barnacle.

I highly doubt that you have not heard it yet but here it is anyway.

What are you thoughts to the Justin Bieber release? Comment below.

George Millington