Justin Timberlake fans far and wide are getting excited with the idea of new music from the ‘Say Something’ singer.

Furthermore, the grammy award-winning hitmaker is working on a different sound. Also, he has been working with the likes of Hit-Boy and Kaytranada. That is going to be an exciting listen.

Zane Lowe Show

Speaking on the ‘New Music Daily With Zane Lowe’ show, Timberlake said, “If I may be audacious and so bold, yes. I’m in [a zone].

“I don’t know how deep I’ve got it, but I’ve found something that I’m excited about, and it doesn’t sound like anything I just did.”

The new album will be Timberlake’s first album since his highly successful ‘Man Of The Woods’ release back in 2018. It is crazy how fast that time has gone. It feels like yesterday when I was reviewing that album. As a result, this release will be the 6th for the ex backstreet boy and fans are already going wild for it.

One said, “I am so excited for Justin’s new music, it is going to be the best yet”. Nevertheless, JT does have a lot to live up to now. Let’s face it, all of his previous albums have gone straight to the top spot, therefore, no pressure!

Well, it all sounds fascinating, and a JT collab always sounds fantastic; therefore, rumours of new collabs will forever go down like hotcakes. Also, if the new tracks are anything like his previous hits, then we are in for a treat!

What are your thoughts on Justin Timberlake? Are you looking forward to new music? Do you think working with Hit-Boy and Kaytranada is a good idea? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

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