Today we can reveal that apparently, Kanye West will no longer be running for US president. An official statement has not made the news yet, but a member of his campaign team told ‘Intelligencer’ that he will no longer contest in the election. His rep said ‘He’s out’.

Well, it does not come as a massive surprise. Especially since Kanye had missed out on the voter registration deadline, also, it appears that he was not as popular as he may have first anticipated. Furthermore, according to a US poll, he only had the support of around 2% of voters. I mean, surveys can be inaccurate, but I doubt he would make enough gains according to recent stats for him to take the lead in the Whitehouse.

New Music

So, where does this leave Kanye? I suppose back to doing what he does best, writing and performing music. His latest release which is titled ‘Donda’ has only just come out, and it is a tribute to his mother who sadly passed 13 years ago. I am presuming he will be concentrating on pushing this track and getting ready to release more new records. Also, Kanye is a master at gaining publicity for himself. So much so many are debating whether or not this was just one big massive pr stunt to keep him relevant. Maybe so? After all, it did work. Pretty much every publication and station under the sun was reporting on the bold move.

So what are your thoughts on Kanye pulling out of the US election contest? Do you think that he had a reasonable chance of becoming the next president anyway? Or do you think it was just a PR stunt to get everybody talking about him? Please have your say by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your input.

George Millington