If you was wondering where Kanye West has been lately then you have come to the right place. The American rapper, singer and songwriter who is never too far away from the headlines has been spending his Sunday’s with his family at Sunday Service. This week saw him grooving with his 5 year old daughter North.

The pair who bop their heads to ‘Back To Life’ by Soul II Soul, dance and sing in front of a full gospel choir and band.

The footage which was published on Twitter (Shock) by Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian is going viral online and many Twitter users have had their say on recent events.

One Twitter user commented ‘Sunday service is a name they’ve dubbed for this project he is working on. It’s not a church service. It’s inspirational music and they’re sharing the rehearsals weekly until the project drops’. Another said ‘Girl this ain’t church. Who y’all worshiping. I ain’t never known this to be a song we sung on Sundays. Girl this is a kick back. Stop using the lords name.’

Overall, Kanye West appears to be having a great time with his young daughter and if he wants to spend his Sunday dancing to some old school r&b with a full-on gospel, then why not?

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