Just when you thought the world could not get any crazier, Kanye West officially lists himself as a candidate for the US presidential campaign. It confers the times we are living in when one of the biggest rappers in the world can put himself forward for perhaps one of the most crucial jobs in the world.

To many people’s surprise, including us, he is already racking up support from some of the worlds most influential people, including Tesla boss Elon Musk. Furthermore, Musk commented on Kanye’s presidential post saying, ‘You have my full support!’.


Nevertheless, not everybody thinks it is a good idea. One twitter user wrote “You Sir are NOT qualified to be president. This country would truly go from bad to worse. Stop using/preying on people’s religious beliefs to garner support. Can’t do another confused man. You have money to get the help you need. Get HELP.”

Many people have since come out to say that they doubt the ‘Stronger’ rapper will ever make it into the Whitehouse. As a result, there are numerous claims that the chance of him becoming the next president is very slim. Mainly due to the number of obstacles that he must jump over to get the keys.

Also, some have been stating that Kanye is just a little bit too late to the party. Moreover, Nathan Gonzales, editor of Inside Elections, said: “There’s a way to run as an outsider, but it’s hard and expensive. I think West, or anyone else, has missed their window of opportunity to have a meaningful impact.”

So, what are your thoughts on the prospect of Kanye West becoming president? Do you think he has a genuine chance? Have your say by letting us know our social media accounts. We would love to hear your opinion on this topic.

George Millington