Donda‘ by Kanye West – Album Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

Kanye West has returned with his much-anticipated new album, ‘Donda.’ It’s a record that’s jam-packed with songs, with a total of 27.

It’s a newfangled record. Moreover, the first track begins with a lady repeating the word ‘Donda.’ Most certainly a strategy to ensure that the record stays in our heads for a long time. It takes about seven times to hear or see something before it sticks in your mind, and she more than meets that need. So, Kanye, if your goal was to imprint the album’s title on our minds, you’ve succeeded! But why is that? Who knows, maybe we’ll remember the music the most.

Feel The Power

The opener empowers you and offers you power! But where is Kanye? He shows up only once in a while. Next up comes ‘Jail’, a bold release with a thumping drum and bass rhythm. It also boasts a synth that oscillates with a vocal from Kanye and Jay-Z, who appears in the third verse.

The Weeknd joins us on ‘Hurricane,’ which adds a new tone to the project’s forefront. It’s a fan favourite from the album ‘Donda,’ and it has a catchy cadence that’s difficult to resist. Fast forward to track 11, and you’ll hear the fantastic ’24’. Kanye truly unleashes his vocal prowess here, singing with enthusiasm and his confidence drips through the equally enthralling mix.

We come across a lot of part 2 tunes near the end of the album. These are follow-up songs to earlier tracks on the album, and they perfectly sum up the whole thing.

You can listen to Kanye West’s album “Donda” below. Also, please leave a comment below this post with your comments on the new release. As always, we appreciate hearing from you. So, do you believe this is one of Kanye West’s best albums to date?

Emily Harris