He predicted his marriage to Kim Kardashian. He’s running for president in 2020. He continues to write new music. And now he’s filing a trademark for ‘Yeezy Sound’?

Yes, it’s true. In total, four federal trademark applications were filed by Kanye West for the title ‘Yeezy Sound.’ The trademark was filed in November and is set to cover a service which includes the “streaming of music, audio, images, video, and other multimedia content, over the Internet.”

After a money dispute involving estimatedly $3 million, Kanye has left Jay Z’s high fidelity streaming service TIDAL. Four months after his leave, the trademark registration process began. TMZ released that sources between them stated that “Kanye West, a key player in Jay Z’s Tidal stable, has left the company over a money dispute and Tidal has threatened to sue him.” Fear of more tension between the two is rising from this split. However, this tension was first noticed when Jay-Z called out Kanye in his 4:44 album. During Kanye’s Sacramento concert for his Saint Pablo Tour, his set was cut short 30 minutes early while he started to claim Jay Z had the means to kill him. Inside sources state that the two have been settling their differences.

Kanye allegedly predicted to Diplo years ago: “Guys, I’m going to marry Kim Kardashian. I’m going to be president one day. And I’m going to be a fashion designer.” Where was his prediction for starting this new streaming service? Perhaps, this idea is a new part of West’s growing empire. But for him, how hard could it be? Yeezy does it.

Article by Nichole Heller. 

George Millington