Katy Perry delivers tracks of hope and positivity. But, yet behind the scenes, it is not always a bed of roses with the singer revealing what life is like being ‘Katy Perry’.

Speaking on CBC radio in Canada, the ‘Fireworks’ singer said: “I lost my smile. I don’t know if my smile was ever fully, like, authentically mine but I was riding on the high of a smile for a long time. Which was the validation, love, and admiration from the outside world, and then that shifted.” 

“I had given so much, and it broke me in half. I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby-daddy-to-be. Then I was excited about flying high off the next record. But, the record didn’t get me high any more. The validation didn’t get me high, and so I just crashed.”

The hitmaker also went onto say:


“Gratitude is probably the thing that saved my life. Because if I didn’t find that I probably would’ve wallowed in my own sadness and just jumped. I found ways to be grateful, and every morning when I wake up… the very first thing I say out loud is, ‘Thank you, God, for today. I am grateful in every way.'”

“When I’m writing those songs, I’m in the worst place of my life. Something comes over me and writes the song — my soul is my ghostwriter. I turn to music to speak the language of my heart and my soul, especially when I’m in those dark times. I think I write these songs because I first and foremost need hope.”

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George Millington