• Artist: Khalid
  • Title: Adore U
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 14/06/24
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

I felt a connection to the narrative of love and longing after first hearing “Adore U” by Khalid. The song’s opening drives the track forward. Also, there is a powerful sense of relief and gratitude for a relationship that has overcome challenges.

The pre-chorus amplifies this theme with an earnest plea for closeness despite physical separation, “Thousand miles apart and you’re still in my heart.” Khalid’s ability to convey the ache of distance while maintaining an undertone of hope and dedication is compelling. The imagery of being “flown to the moon and seeing stars” captures the euphoric escapism that love can provide, creating a vivid contrast between physical distance and emotional proximity.

Complexities of Love

In the chorus, Khalid’s repeated call to “get high” and “float” alongside the invitation to “fall into my arms, let me adore you” blends a sense of romantic idealism with an almost tangible yearning. The suggestion of using highs to navigate the complexities of love suggests a desire for a heightened, surreal state of being together, even if just metaphorically.

The second verse deepens the intimacy, as Khalid offers unconditional support and a willingness to “fight for your trust.” His vulnerability is palpable when he sings, “Baby, I’d die for your love.” This line reveals his commitment, a raw declaration of the lengths he would go to preserve their bond.

Production-wise, the song is impeccably crafted. The collaboration between producers Digi and Justin Lucas, alongside the top-quality engineering by Denis Kosiak and his team, results in a polished, impressive experience. The masterful mixing and vocal production further elevate Khalid’s distinct, emotive voice, making every note and lyric resonate.

“Adore U” is a beautiful track that captures the essence of longing and devotion in a long-distance relationship. Khalid’s expressive delivery, paired with a lush, dreamy soundscape, makes this song an emotional journey.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to “Adore U” by Khalid here.

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Becky Anderson