Present‘ by Khalid – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

Khalid manages to warm our hearts with each new release, and he does not disappoint with his latest offering, ‘Present.’

The R&B singer smashes it here, demonstrating why he is currently one of the world’s best singers. He has a distinct musical approach, and his characteristic quality shines even brighter with this new delivery. ‘Present,’ as the tune is labelled, is a true present from Khalid, and it will be medicine to the ears for anyone who loves world-class rnb pop.

Khalid is in top vocal form, reaching deep within his vocal toolbox and rising to the top with treasure. The music is impressive, with frequent pauses and starts giving way to an exquisite acoustic guitar rhythm, which adds even more flair to the complex.

Saviour Of Modern R&B

Khalid, dubbed “the saviour of modern R&B,” offers us an idea of what to expect from his upcoming album. He is unique in his approach, yet he still manages to capture the essence of the game’s big names from the past. Similarly, his thought-provoking wordplay emphasises the importance of living in the now. He also expresses his desire to spend most of his time with the people he cares about the most.

Overall, Khalid has knocked it out of the park with this song. With his music, he is a visionary, and he gives fans what they’ve been waiting for all year: another timeless masterpiece that grips with emotion!

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Emily Harris