Summer is here and so is Kingdumb with his fresh new track “Get F’d Up”. So, ready to crank up the volume? here goes! Kingdumb, the electrifying producer from Swindon emerges once more with a banger that’s set to dominate your summer soundtrack.”Get F’d Up,” is an absolute belter of an electronic release and it is guaranteed to shake up dance floors far and wide.

This track from the British riser is an anthem for every epic party. Moreover, with its infectious energy and captivating hooks, “Get F’d Up” is poised to become the soundtrack of countless unforgettable nights. It has a care free vibe, this in itself reflects the title of the song. Also, as the song proceeds we get introduced to a whole new flavour of sounds and it feels as though Kingdumb has turned up the dial in terms of production quality.

You can take a listen here.

Becky Anderson