Kings Of Leon nostalgically head back to their routes with their new release, ‘Echoing‘. It has a full sentimental reflection of the bands earlier records. Nevertheless, the style sounds just as potent today as it did ever before!

Kicking off ‘Echoing‘ greets with a mid suffused guitar rhythm and Caleb’s vocal jumps out with distinction before another killer guitar rhythm which strokes the ears with velvet-like quality. The guitar parts from Matthew and Caleb, take the leading position in ‘Echoing‘, they rise out louder than the vocals which is unorthodox for Kings Of Leon who often keep Caleb at the forefront of the action. Mind you; he does get the airtime which he deserves with his vocals smashing through with supremacy.


Drummer, Nathan, sticks to a rolling snare movement for most of the piece and he keeps the beat flowing seamlessly. Also, although his rhythm is nothing too unusual, it works and suits the track well. Additionally, the bass, which is not as upfront as some KOL tracks, still stuns. However, you may need to listen to ‘Echoing‘ on a speaker setup with a robust low-frequency range to truly appreciate Jared’s delivery.

KOL stick to their signature flavour here. They are loyal to a sound they ultimately created, and it is refreshing to hear them go back to a sound that is not as commercially polished as some of their latest albums. Instead, it is pure and straight to the point. It appears to be a current trend with the group wanting to stay true to themselves with the album also taking on the title ‘When You See Yourself‘.

Long live the KINGS!

You can check out ‘Echoing‘ by Kings Of Leon below. Also, be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts to the new release. We love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris