Lana Del Rey does not disappoint here with her new release ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’. It is everything which any Lana fan craves, and the superstar blossoms from the get-go with her signature sound gliding through with angelic quality.

Kicking off with a serene piano overture, Lana kicks off as she means to go on with her plucking at our heartstrings from the instant. Also, she follows a similar style to her previous releases with her singing about genuine experiences. Additionally, we hear the singer speak the truth with her almost talking directly at us. Moreover, she opens with ‘I am from a small town, how about you?’ It leads us on a journey with Lana explaining how she is ready to leave her LA nest, and she wants us all to come (Well maybe not, but a special loved one who she wants to love like a woman).


Vocally, Lana Del Rey shines like a radiant beam. Her tone is inspirational, and she sings with full emotion with every word articulating conspicuously. It is what I relish most about the singer with her expressing a potent message which resonates. Also, she delves deeper into her unconventional space here with her trademark sounds flourishing as the track progresses.

Musically, this new track remains relatively condensed for the most part. Furthermore, we only really hear a piano instrumental in the background. But, a myriad of harmonies do pop out at times, and towards the latter, a beat taps away at a gentle pace. Also, a guitar rhythm strums in the closing stages, adding even more weight to her already powerful sound.

You can take a listen to ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’ below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to her new release. We love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris