Surrey based actor and musician, Lee Hutchings, has just released his powerful and meaningful new single, ‘Hidden Under Your Feet’, a song that is sure to impress with strong melodies and hooks from start to finish.

Lee Hutchings is a professional actor and long-standing musician hailing from Surrey.  Having been the drummer for an established alternative band, Torque Armanda, since 2005, Lee has been gigging and writing music for many, many years.  In the past year he has started to release original solo music and his new singly is a fine example of his musical talent.  It’s always great to see a musician continue to branch and grow in different directions and Hutchings is doing that with great ease.

‘Hidden Under Your Fee’ features all of the ingredients for a hit indie rock song and its plain when you listen.  It demands your attention straight from the off with commanding guitars, eloquent vocals layered over strong melodies and drums that drive the song straight through to build motion towards each chorus.  This track feels instantly familiar and accessible and will leave you wanting more of what Hutchings is creating here. There is an effortless, rolling structure to the single and lyrics meet the music perfectly. Its seamless and would accompany any contemplative moment in life; when you are taking time in life to sit back and think, this track would be the perfect addition to that interior moment.

With such exceptional song writing and a proven track record of success, Lee Hutchings is sure to make an impact in the music industry as head into the final stretch of the year. Be sure to watch this space!

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George Millington