Scarborough, the seaside resort in North Yorkshire is making quite a name for itself as a hot spot for mainstream musicians on the east coast. Furthermore, artists such as Britney Spears, Biffy Clyro and Years And Years have all stopped off to grace the stage at the 8000 capacity Open Air Theatre. Now, Lewis Capaldi dropped by to perform his outstanding number 1 album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’. He also brought with him an unforgettable support.

Cuffe and Taylor


The night kicked off with Hull born, Charlotte. Moreover, the up and coming pop starlet mesmerised the crowd with a set showing off her solid vocals. She even gave fans a preview of her new music which is set for release very soon.

Saint Raymond

Saint Raymond followed with a more electrifying set with super tight hitting drum beats and echoey vocals which resonated around the sold out theatre. Vocalist ‘Callum Burrows’ spoke to the crowd to introduce his stand out track ‘Nightcrawling’. He said. “This song is about what I do best, drinking”. This resulted in a huge cheer from the crowd whom many were also enjoying their own Saturday night tipple. Saint Raymond delivered catchy and mellifluous vocals as fans clapped to their infectious melodies.

Ward Thomas

Twin sisters, ‘Ward Thomas’ from Hampshire took to the stage third. Their country sound and Nashville fashion sense was met with open arms by the highly excitable Scarbarians. The pair even encouraged the crowd to participate in the singing. As a result the loud confident crowd projected the bands lyrics straight back at them.

Lewis Capaldi

As the night set in, West Lothian born Lewis Capaldi emerged onto the stage to the champions league anthem ringing out and fireworks which exploded in front of the deafening Yorkshire crowd.

Lewis Capaldi
Cuffe and Taylor

Capaldi kicked off with ‘Grace’ and he captivated his audience from the get go. Fans were as lively as ever and Scotland flags waved around symbolising the singers home turf before Lewis spoke to the 8000 spectators.

“Scarborough how you doing? Did you like the confetti at the beginning?”

Lewis Capaldi
Cuffe and Taylor

Fans let out an almighty roar and began chanting ‘Oh Lewis Capaldi’. This was a rendition of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes.

Hit By Sunglasses

Lewis, regularly interacted with the audience who he held in the palm of his hand with his strong wit and banter. He even wore a pair of sunglasses thrown by a fan at one point before performing an angelic version of ‘Bruises’.

Often joking, Capaldi made a possible sly dig at Noel Gallagher. Furthermore, he asked the crowd if they were a fan of rock and roll. Many did shout ‘yes’ to later regret it after Lewis hilariously said they were ‘At the wrong gig’.

As the gig went on, Capaldi got the crowd to sing happy birthday to his drummer. He claimed he was 25 however admittedly he did look about 45.

Overall, the show, was the first of its kind. In fact, Lewis, who very rarely sticks to the status quo made a quick dash to the bathroom mid way through. This was definitely an eye opener for the fans. Especially due to him taking his microphone to share the experience before returning to perform a mesmerising version of ‘Hollywood’.

The Scottish singer’s penultimate track was ‘Hold Me While You Wait’ before finishing with a breathtaking performance of ‘Someone You Loved’.

Capaldi truly delivered with this performance. Also with his menacing antics you could only imagine him tearing the roof of the theatre if it had one. Even Noel Gallagher couldn’t have dissed this performance.

Moreover, Lewis Capaldi will be performing again at Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Friday 30th August.

George Millington