Oasis member, Liam Gallagher has something to say regarding the recent scandals and sexual misconduct news in the entertainment industry. After the recent Harvey Weinstein comments have been released, Liam Gallagher decided to support the victims and voices coming out with the truth. Not only is this an issue in the film industry but it’s also a common issue in the music industry. Gallagher wants the public to know that these problems exist everywhere in the entertainment world and it is not just a man and woman problem, it is also going on man to man.

However, Gallagher notes that he never personally experienced or witnessed any shady events. Gallagher was heavily involved with his band and did not witness or experience these issues. Another person standing up for issues with the problem of sexual harassment in the music industry is Sir Tom Jones. Jones recalled a time during a work meeting where he was forced to leave a situation when he was propositioned.

Gallagher understands the hierarchy of the music industry and knows that many people abuse it. When authority has the chance, some of them decide to prey on employees within the industry. Luckily, Gallagher and his bandmates have not been a witness or victim to this evil and corruption. Gallagher states that the band Oasis in the mid-90s was “in their own bubble” to notice anything “weird”. Gallaghers resolution for stopping this misconduct is to “get rid” of the “shit bags”. He told FAULT publication: “Obviously get rid of all the shit bags. Obviously, if everyone took care of their shit – everything would be cool. We all live together under one sky at the end of the day. Everyone just needs to cool the f**k out.” Gallagher continues his worldwide tour lasting until August of 2018.

Article by Nichole Heller.

George Millington