Liam Gallagher praised his fans for braving the “cold f****** December night” at his London The O2 gig on Monday, June 10, 2024. The 51-year-old former Oasis star evidently made the joke in reference to the rubbish summer weather the UK is experiencing.

Moreover, Liam thanked the fans at the end of his performance. He said, “Thank you for coming out on this cold f****** December night on a Monday. I appreciate it, I really do.” Fans cheered, as you would expect!

The evening started with Liam G urging the crowd to shake off the Monday blues and embrace a weekend spirit. “Treat this show as the beginning of the weekend and get into the party mood,” he said. This resulted in camaraderie and celebration as fans belted out lyrics and chanted Liam’s name between songs.

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George Millington