Lilly Allen has teamed up with Giggs to release her first single in three years called ‘Trigger Bang’. The 3:32 minute song was produced by London based artist Fryars and Allen went as far as to share the link to the unauthorised version of the song on her social media account in anticipation of the official recording.  Fans have reacted positively to the new track, which sees Allen deliver nostalgic lyrics over a progressive melody.

The 32 year old has been relatively quiet in recent years. Her last chart recording was ‘Sheezus’ in 2014 and her melancholic rendition of‘Somewhere only we Know’ in 2013 also proved to be extremely commercially successful. Although the London rapper Giggs has been rated by many for a while, following his Landlord album, appearance with Drake on ‘More Life’ and his ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ mixtape, he is been propelled to the visible forefront of the British rap circuit. He delivers his first verse in his typical laidback style, before Allen sings the hook.

Lilly Allen has been credited with her honesty in the past and Trigger Bang includes many frank truths. Subjects involving drug use, former lovers and handling media attention are all mentioned in her latest song, “When I grew up, nothing changed much/Anything went, I was famous/I would wake up next to strangers/Everyone knows what cocaine does/Numbing the pain when the shame comes.” Giggs and Allen’s personal rapport is nicely translated into the cohesiveness of the track, which features a smooth transition between rapping and singing- a partnership which isn’t always so natural.

Lily has been an avid social media user for a while now, and has often utilised it as a vehicle to vocalise her political views. However, she has now used it to thank fans for their support and state her admiration for Giggs, who she had kind words for. “Everything he does or says has to have purpose or meaning”.

Written By: Yohannes Lowe

George Millington