Lily Allen has opened up about her previous struggles with drugs. She also spoke about how they influenced her writing process. Moreover, speaking to The Observer, Lily, now almost 40, who has been sober for almost five years, revealed that cocaine once played a significant role in her creative flow.

The singer admitted that cocaine and alcohol helped her silence her inner critic. It also apparently allowed her to feel more liberated and confident about her ideas. “Drugs and alcohol were very good at drowning out my inner critic,” she shared. “When you take cocaine you think all of your ideas are brilliant and need to be shared.”

Despite having a trove of new songs—about 100 in total—Allen confessed that she doesn’t find them up to par and has decided to put her music career on hold. “I have about 100 of them!” she said, but added, “I don’t feel like they’re any good,” leading her to step away from music for the time being.

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George Millington