Mariah Carey and her long-term manager mutually decided to split up their management relationship. Carey’s now former manager named Stella Bulochnikov managed Carey for three years. They have parted recently due to various rumoured reasons including Carey’s difficult and manic attitude. Bulochnikov released a statement that they were unable to work together in a beneficial manner and they mutually felt the need to part ways from their day-to-day management.

Bulochnikov, a former television producer, has started Carey’s reality show on E!, “Mariah’s World” and supported her during her chaotic New York City New Year’s Eve performance. Bulochnikov and Carey have accomplished several new projects for Carey including Carey’s new music and film projects for the holiday season. Bulochnikov and Carey are planning to still support their current business ventures through keeping those minimal partnerships.

Carey was spotted with Melissa Ruderman during the handprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Ruderman formerly managed Nicole Scherzinger and was a personal assistant to music producer Benny Medina. An insider to Carey stated “[Mariah’s] cleaning house. She is getting legitimate people, assistants, a lawyer, and Stella is not happy about it.” It is unsure if Ruderman will be Carey’s full-time manager. There were many individuals involved her her career that Carey never personally knew that created a distance. Now she’s putting together a stronger team and cleaning house. Carey is definitely signing on to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation team to help her achieve her new goals.

Carey is continuing her tours, one of them including her traditional Beacon Theatre concert and adding her holiday-themed celebrations with international tour dates, two animated holiday films and a Christmas-themed candy line. Carey will be visiting New York, Paris, London and other places to debut this new material. Carey’s most single will debut this holiday season titled “The Star.” This new Christmas album with various artist is made for an animated film from Sony Pictures and will follow on mid November.

George Millington