Marsha Swanson, the ethereal songbird hailing from the enchanting lands of the UK, emerges like a gentle breeze after a rejuvenating hiatus from her melodic odyssey. Her latest creation, ‘In Parallel’, gracefully waltzes into the realm of indie-folk, yet its essence transcends boundaries, embracing an amalgamation of diverse styles and genres.

Swanson, ever the harmonious soul, unites with a tribe of esteemed musicians, including the illustrious Henry (King Thumb) Thomas, whose illustrious presence graced the BBC TV series Rockschool as a co-presenter and writer.Also, beneath the hallowed roof of the legendary Konk Studios, where musical magic is whispered by the walls, the luminary producer Iestyn Polson, known for his alchemical touch with luminaries such as David Gray, Patti Smith, and David Bowie, meticulously captured the essence of this captivating single.

As the sun-soaked chorus unfolds, a wondrous surprise dances upon the airwaves, evoking profound emotions within our hearts. The celestial notes of the piano, like drops of stardust, gracefully intertwine with Marsha’s poignant vocals, bestowing a symphony of sublime pleasure upon our ears.

You can listen below.

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Emily Harris