You just can’t beat an 80’s music night hosted by a member of one of the bands that anchored the era, Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet.  The decade produced tunes that are still played at many a wedding reception because they are simply so danceable.  The bass player for the New Romantic trendsetting band seemed the perfect ambassador for a journey though the decade on the dancefloor!  It was a time of excess and experimentation in sounds and fashion and the crowd was up for a reboot.

Martin Kemp’s Back To The 80’s DJ Set

On tour spreading 80’s love through a back-to-back DJ set, Kemp was up front and getting the groove going.  The crowd was mostly women of, ahem, a certain age reliving the glory days and having a heady, nostalgic trip.

Martin Kemp

With plenty of lights and reminiscent sounds reverberating through, it was the night out many had clearly been looking for.  When Kemp took the stage, there was a bit of a rush of women elbowing frantically through to the front.  Clearly, each were trying to get close enough with phones at the ready to capture one of their old flames on stage and nearly fingertip-close in such an intimate atmosphere!

Martin Kemp – Just The Same As You Remember

However, the dapper, silver fox Kemp never disappoints his fans, waving and winking, but keeping the party going through the evening, with a Meet and Greet that followed.  Every tune echoed the decade back to the crowd,  who scooped up the fun of the night with both hands.  All were dancing and singing wholeheartedly as Kemp weaved through his set, track by track.  It was the injection of fun and reminiscence all came to revel in to just relax and enjoy.

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Dana Miller