Mel C is still and if not more passionate about Spice Girls than ever before. It is evident just by listening to how committed to the project she is through her interviews. So much so, that she has revealed that the group regularly talk about releasing new music. Let’s face it; it has been a long time coming, right? Also, for anyone Spice Girls fans in the room, this is a dream come true.

Furthermore, the global pop sensation who also has a stable solo career of her own said: “(It’s) something we’ve discussed. But, we have such an incredible back catalogue, and people love our music; we don’t want to produce anything that’s not of the standard of our other work. We talk about it tentatively, and we’re like, ‘You know what? We’re not going to force the issue on that one.’ We’d rather it happen organically.”

Victoria Beckham

Mel also spoke about Victoria Beckham, potentially teaming up with the girls once again too. She said, “I hope so, I do. We talk all the time; we talk about what we’d like to do, any options that we have, we would love to do more shows, we really would. Obviously, (this year) has gone nuts and no one knows what’s going to happen with shows, for now. But personally for me, speaking on my behalf, I would love to do Spice Girls shows in the U.S., in South America, in Southeast Asia, and get into Australia finally. All those places we never got to, as well as the U.S., because I love to be there.”

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George Millington