I am overjoyed and ecstatic to be in possession of Soundcore’s brand-new motion boom plus speaker. From the initial unboxing to syncing up my phone via Bluetooth, I knew I would be pleasantly surprised, and it did not disappoint! The product’s aesthetic shouts, “Class,” and the sturdy frame leaves one feeling extremely sure that it will be able to put up a strong battle against whatever element it encounters out in nature.

This versatile speaker, primarily marketed as an outdoor speaker, is the ultimate doorway to a good time this summer or winter if you plan to camp or be outdoors throughout the year’s colder months. Also, the attached shoulder strap makes it easy to transport and does not feel like you are carrying an 80-watt boombox on your back. As a result, moving it around in addition to your regular assortments will be a breeze.

The sound completely blew our minds! Even though it is a portable gadget, it packs a highly-powerful punch, and its highly-impressive run time of 20 hours makes it even more desirable. Since we got the product, it has been used to listen to tracks of various genres, including reggae, rock, and even classical. Regardless of the music style played through it, it can accurately reproduce the music’s dynamics; however, it shines brightest when a bass line is chucked into the mix.

When it comes to outdoor speakers, you must put this one on your short list of options. It is the ideal complement to any event that takes place outside or even inside, and when it works its magic, it will leave all of your companions in wonder.

For more information, click here. Also, for a £50 discount code valid until the 30th June, please email info@gsgmedia.co.

George Millington