Global Sound Group have unleashed a new music education program. It enables musicians to fast track their success. Without racking up the costly debt accrued from enrolling at a university or college.

With the musician in mind, the new education program covers all areas of the music industry and is put together by tutors who have real-life music experience and success. The new program aims to change the lives of every musician, and it consists of courses with 100 modules and 500 lessons.

Music Education

Speaking about the new ongoing education program, James Dyble, Managing Director said “I struggled to find education early on in my career. Although there is a myriad of opportunities out there, they all came with the prospect of long term student debt. So, I want to give back. As a result, we have created a program which comes with no pricey tag. But yet covers the same if not more education which you would cover in university. It is all online-based, and it integrates exams and honorary certificates for students who pass.’

The company also know that musicians cannot just solely concentrate on paying for their education. Also, student debt has just reached a whopping level of $1.6 trillion; therefore, they give back monthly through gifts and finance reimbursements to aid growth and success.

Click here to visit the education program.

George Millington