In a grand finale to their unforgettable residency at Las Vegas’ awe-inspiring Sphere, U2 left fans in awe by staging a virtual duet with none other than Crowded House luminary Neil Finn.

The iconic rockers concluded their 40-show run at the futuristic venue on Saturday night (March 2nd, 2024), capping off an epic journey that saw them mesmerize audiences with their timeless hits and electrifying performances.

For their farewell spectacle, U2 treated fans to a rendition of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over,’ with a twist that left the crowd buzzing. Neil Finn, the mastermind behind the classic tune, couldn’t physically join them on stage, but his presence was felt nonetheless as his recorded vocals seamlessly melded with U2’s live performance.

Frontman Bono, ever the showman, shared the heartwarming backstory behind the collaboration with the audience. He recounted how Finn had sent them an email with his vocals attached, offering U2 the chance to incorporate his rendition into their set whenever they pleased.

Clearly touched by Finn’s gesture, Bono expressed the band’s admiration for the new rendition of the beloved track. But the surprises didn’t end there. Bono revealed that U2 is now gearing up to take their collaboration with Finn to the next level by attempting to record the revamped version of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over.’

“The other day we got a beautiful e-mail from Neil Finn, who wrote this bewilderingly beautiful song,” Bono shared with the crowd. “Attached to the e-mail was a version of the song he said we could play whenever we wanted. It’s a new version that he did, and we’re going to try and record it.”

As fans bid farewell to U2’s groundbreaking residency, the promise of new music born from this unexpected collaboration serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the future. With U2 and Neil Finn joining forces, the music world eagerly anticipates what transcendent sounds they’ll create together.

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George Millington