It is not long now until national album day on the 12 October 2019.

However, what is it all about?

National Album Day returns for its second annual edition on Saturday, 12th October 2019. Organised jointly by UK labels body the BPI and ERA, the Entertainment Retailers Association, the music and artist community will come together with BBC Sounds. Also with the support of AIM, Classic Album Sundays and Network Rail among others.

BBC Sounds

Essentially, there is a lot of events and activities which celebrate the UK’s love of the album. As well as the the craft that goes into making this culturally significant body of work.

Nevertheless, the excitement does not stop there.

We can now reveal that there will be a ‘White Label’ auction of around 300 white-label LP test pressings.

Furthermore, the auction will be the the first of its kind. Also with the explosion in sales of vinyl in recent years, it has created a wealth of ‘white label’ test pressings.

These pressings are produced to ensure the sound quality is as the artist intended. Also with as few as 5 or 10 of each being produced, these first-off-the-press copies are typically checked by artists and their representatives and are much sought after by fans and collectors.

The Brit Trust

Moreover, Johnny Chandler, Catalogue A&R Director at UMC, Universal Music UK, who came up with the idea, said: “It’ll be wonderful if, by auctioning these rarities, we can raise funds to support the amazing work of The BRIT Trust, whilst celebrating the ‘art of the album’ through National Album Day.”

The auction will raise funds to support the work of music industry charity The BRIT Trust. These guys are responsible for promoting education and wellbeing through music.

It will take place the weekend before on Saturday 5th October at 11.00am.

George Millington