Neck Deep are the most energetic pop-punk rockers I have heard in recent times. They bring a sound which never got old but yet added new elements which make it a remarkable listen.

The Welsh band are flying high on ‘Fall’ with catchy melodies and a music foundation which grips and pulls. The group have an American sound which is reminiscent of the greats in this genre including ‘New Found Glory’ and ‘Sum 41’. On the flip though, they do bring a lot of new flavour to the party too.

‘Fall’ kicks off with a tight rhythm section with a super sharp drum beat which comes off in Travis Barker style. The lead singer Ben Barlow then greets us with a robust and hugely likeable vocal. He sings with pure grit and a rawness which we do not hear all too often these days. But, if you are unsure of the band’s history, you would expect them to hail from the Californian region and not Wrexham, proving how much influence they take from the US.


The track provides plenty of variety, and it does not stick to the status quo structurally. It dives into a new realm which makes this band stand out truly in a distinct light. Also, each musician delivers something unique, which adds even more power to the already colossal sound.

Overall, it is a compelling release from Neck Deep. They are a band who get bigger and better with each record which they drop. Also, they are still relatively young as a group; therefore, I am sure the best is yet to come. As a result, they are proving that we should all keep them high on the watchlist. You can listen to ‘Fall’ by Neck Deep below. Also, let us know your thoughts on the new track on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris