Help Musicians UK (HMUK), the country’s leading independent music charity, has just launched its new 24/7 mental health service ‘Music Minds Matter’ for anyone working in the music industry.

This service is very comprehensive because it combines and makes available to the music industry a mix of advice, signposting, clinical pathways and professional therapeutic services, including counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In addition, the service also provides access to the charity’s grant funding and advice is given on legal issues, debt and benefits. This is a first for the British music industry.

HMUK has never failed to provide help, support and opportunities to musicians of all ages for 96 years. In 2016, HMUK’s Health & Welfare team noticed a 22% increase in requests for help from musicians across the UK while the charity spent £1.9 million helping these people.

For this reason, HMUK commissioned the University of Westminster and MusicTank to undertake the world’s largest academic study into mental health and the music industry. The outcome of the report ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ led HMUK to launch the Music Minds Matter service by December this year and to start the music industry’s first Mental Health Taskforce in collaboration with several music industry partners, organisations and stakeholders.

In particular, the new 24/7 service will provide:

  • Listening and emotional support
  • Support and advice in getting a diagnosis
  • Signposting to additional services that can support issues around mental health, addiction, eating disorders, sexual harassment, and homelessness
  • CBT, counselling, advice on debt, welfare benefits and legal issues
  • Links to the charity’s Health & Welfare grants
  • Advice can also be accessed by emailing (please note a 48-hour turnaround)


Artist Nadine Shah said: “I would like to give my passionate, wholehearted support to Help Musicians UK and the new Music Minds Matter mental health service. The music industry is in such need of a service like this. It is about time we had a service that is always there for people, one that really caters to the myriad of mental health challenges and complexities that musicians and people in the music industry face. As someone that has experienced struggles of my own, I know how important it is to know that I could access help and support when I need it. It means so much, thank you HMUK.”

Richard Robinson, CEO, HMUK added: “Help Musicians UK is uniquely positioned as a charity to coordinate, lead and support those working in music with mental health challenges. With 96 years of experience, we understand the complexity of being a musician and recognise the need for support that reflects the nature of the business, whilst providing a personalised service tailored to each person we help.

“Music Minds Matter is a first for the British music industry and the biggest ever undertaking by HMUK. We are earmarking just under £1 million over the next four years and we fully expect the service to grow and evolve. However, this can only happen in close consultation and collaboration with the music industry and those organisations already providing mental health support. This is why a fully engaged Music Industry Mental Health Taskforce is also a prerequisite and catalyst for real change and understanding.  

“It is also important to underline that early intervention is key in this service. This is not just for individuals in crisis, it is so much more and provides comprehensive support on a range of issues. In time we will look to add additional regional capabilities and services, as well as global partnerships, to really make a difference to those that need it most and future-proof our music industry to be as healthy and successful as it can be.”

If you are in the music industry and you need help and emotional support please call 0808 802 8008 free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on Music Minds Matter and the ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ research, visit:

Article by Valentina Guidi. 

George Millington