Another work week comes to an end. For anyone who is in lockdown, every day seems to roll into one. But, luckily new music Friday keeps us in sync. It is an intense week for releases this week with some of the worlds biggest names dropping new tracks. But, we also have some artists who have been quiet in recent years, unleash fresh goods.

Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande

Firstly, teaming up this week is Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. I can see why they have. Together, they are a force which is hard to hold back. Their new track ‘Rain On Me’ has a proper feel-good vibe. It is dancey and a solid summer banger. It is a club anthem with plenty of EDM quality. Also, vocally, the pair of them are flying very high.


Punk rockers Idles are back with ‘Mr. Motivator’. Want to get your weekend started with a bang? Get this one on. But loud. Play it loud, and you will be rocking into Saturday like never before. They have a signature sound which is spreading like wildfire. It is edgy and a festival anthem. Shame, we won’t be seeing them at a festival anytime soon though. If you love a no-nonsense hit, this one is for you.

Snoop Doggy Dogg

Completely different vibe now. It is what makes our playlist so unique. Put it on shuffle, and you will be jumping around the music industry like an underage teen searching for a bash to gatecrash. Snoop Dogg’s latest release ‘I Wanna Go Outside’ is a typical Snoop Dogg track. He delivers what he does best, killer bars and strong melodies. So, get it round your ears.

Jake Bugg

Ah, Jake Bugg, he is back. Possibly better than ever before. Overall, I love his guitar sound on this release ‘Rabbit Hole’, and his vocals are shining brightly. It is a catchy release which is going to excite the indie world like never before. Get it in your playlist while it’s hot.


So, here are our best new music pics. You can listen to more below.

George Millington