New music Fri-YAY is upon us once again. Another week for top tracks making a unique selection of raw gems. So, who is making our playlist this week?

Maverick Sabre – Don’t You Know By Now.

The singer is back and flying high with his latest track ‘Don’t You Know By Now’. His vocal sounds sublime as ever. A pretty chill record this one and perfect for those late evenings in your garden watching the sunset. Also, it has a relaxed vibe which many will be relishing this morning.

The Hunna And Phem – If This Is Love

The pair have teamed up for something majestic here. The new track from The Hunna and Phem is poignant in its delivery and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. It is very different from the usual Hunna sound we have heard in recent years. It is also concise and sits at a very minimal length of fewer than 2 minutes. There are no solid rock riffs you would expect from the band, but yet it still sounds significant to us.

Dolly Parton – When Life Is Good Again

As soon as we saw Dolly in the new music Friday release list, we knew we had to add her into our playlist. Who doesn’t love Dolly? She is a legend, and her latest track is everything you would expect from the Country star. Also, it resonates well with the modern times we are all going through at the moment. It has the Nashville style which Dolly delivers so well time and again. Get your ears wrapped around this one if you want to hear something which will move you.

The Raconteurs – Black Generation

Yes! The Raconteurs are back. What a tune this one is. It is a rock banger. Also, it has a quality guitar tone and a vocal which shouts volumes. Rock up your weekend with this. Make sure your air guitar is at the ready!

View our entire playlist below.

George Millington