So, new music Fri-Yay returns. Overall, not a week with a lot of releases from the biggest names in the industry. But, yet still lots of quality appearing. So, who is making our top picks this week?

The Blinders – Mule Track

I first came across this band over a year ago. Having seen the group perform a blinding set, I knew they were onto something big. Their new track ‘Mule Track’ follows a similar vibe to their previous releases but yet proves how far they have come as a band. Expect, loud and bold guitar riffs with ‘Mule’. It will hit you like a wet fish around your cheeks!

Faithless – Let The Music Decide

Dance group Faithless are back with ‘Let The Music Decide’. It is just as legendary as their backlog. Also, it is a dance weapon which will grab you off your chair this Friday. Overall, it has an Ibiza vibe which many will relish. So, put this one on very loud and let the music take you to the sunny isle.

Two Door Cinema Club – Tiptoes

Indie group Two Door Cinema Club bring the feel-good this wet and miserable morning. Their signature guitar sound opens the track before a sublime vocal performance follows. If you are a big fan of the early Two Door Cinema Club, then you will like this one a lot. They have gone back to their routes, and it sounds majestic.

Sports Team – Camel Crew

Sports Team are rising the ranks rapidly. I saw them recently in a grungy basement, and they had the flair which I knew was going to catapult them to the masses. Their new track ‘Camel Crew’ is a real treat. Check it now before it blows.

So, what are you waiting for? You can listen to all the other tracks which have made our New Music Fri-YAY playlist below.

George Millington