New music Friday greets us once again with a hot selection of new tracks. But, who is making our top picks this week?

Amy Shark – Everybody Rise

Firstly, Amy Shark is flying high with her new release ‘Everybody Rise’. The Australian has taken giant leaps since her breakout single ‘Adore’ back in 2016. Her latest release has a catchy hook and tight melody which you will find hard not to relish this Friday.

Tom Speight – Natalie Portman

‘Natalie Portman’ is the latest release from talented Tom Speight. It gets underway with a tone down vibe, and this vibe follows the track throughout. He sings with an elegant vocal, and his nonchalant approach pays off massively here, taking us to a space of pure tranquillity.

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – Fire

We take you into a completely different realm here with ‘Fire’. In typical Frank Carter style, it comes with plenty of energy which will shove you off your chair. The band’s new release is a potent record with a guitar rhythm which takes us on a rocky ride. Also, Frank Carter grips us with his vocal delivery. Want a song to rock your socks off this weekend? Then this one is for you.

Alicia Keys – Perfect Way To Die

Overall, Alicia Keys delivers what she does best here on ‘Perfect Way To Die’. A pure emotional release this one with plenty of sentiment which will take you to the point of nostalgia. Also, Alicia lends an unforgettable vocal performance on ‘Perfect Way To Die’. It is a track which makes for the perfect listen if you want to take a step back, especially from all the crazy S**T which is going on the world.

So, here are a few of our top picks from New Music Friday. But, there are plenty more too, you can check out all our picks in our playlist below.

George Millington