Nicki Minaj has announced that she is retiring from music to have a family. However, how many times have we heard this from musicians? Far too many.

Musicians tend to confuse the term retirement with having a break. Yes, I agree that Nicki Minaj will step away from the limelight to concentrate on starting a family of her own. Nevertheless, I imagine she will be back at some point with a new record. That is if she follows suit from her predecessors who have also made the same claim.

Nicki Minaj

Previous Artists Who Retired Yet Returned

Jay-Z said back in 2003 that he was going to retire after releasing ‘The Black Album’. Yet, 3 years later he drops “Kingdom Come”.

Another example is Lily Allen who famously revealed in 2009 on her website that she was retiring from music. However, guess what? She was back again a few years later.

Also even Bieber said he was retiring in 2013 yet was back in 2015 with a huge comeback. Possible PR stunt?

Justin Bieber

It is obvious that musicians cannot stay away for too long. They generally go away for a while to live a normal life however the craving is too strong and they are back at it.

I would say that if the musician does plan to come back they should start using the term ‘Hiatus’. However, it is becoming a norm in the music industry for artists to retire and then suddenly come back out of the woodwork. Therefore, whenever a musician says they are retiring I never take it seriously. But, only time is the answer of that and we will see the true outcome in the years to come.

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George Millington