Noah Cyrus has spoken openly about her struggles during the Covid-19 lockdowns and why she turned to drugs while stuck at home.

Furthermore, Noah said: “I think in my experience, the people I knew that were dealing with that as well, all of us really went into that addiction and gave into it even more during the pandemic because you felt so lonely and bored and sad and depressed and anxious that really you just leaned on the substances in my case, and in my partner at the time’s case.”

“For me, I saw a chance for myself to save myself and to try and get better and to try to help myself with the substance abuse and talk about it and get help and really, really tried hard to follow up with my psychiatry and my therapist and tell the truth and get help because I needed the help. And so, once I started even kind of dabbling with that idea, I made the choice to just save myself while I can, because it was going down a slippery slope.”

George Millington