‘Overcome’ by Nothing But Thieves – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

Here at GSGM, we are definitely Nothing But Thieves fans. There is a very strong feeling amongst us that ‘Dead Club City’ the bands fourth album, out 7th July will be their seminal LP. We reviewed opening single ‘Welcome to the DCC’ last month, and second single ‘Overcome’ just tops that number, it’s superb.


The 1980’s vibe continues on ‘Overcome’ where ‘Welcome to the DCC’ left off.  A gentle keyboard line accompanied by Conor Mason’s beautiful vocal tone starts the track off before the beat kicks in. It’s an up-tempo number, James Price’s drum fills and overall skill on the instrument really stand out. ‘Overcome’ will no doubt remind you of Don Henley ‘Boys of Summer’ mixed with the Lost Frequencies/Callum Scott 2022 megahit ‘Where Are You Now’. The surprising highlight of the track is the guitar solo. I say surprising as its quite rare to hear a guitar solo on tracks these days. But, this particular one is executed brilliantly with a Dave Keuning (The Killers) styled delivery. This writer maybe wrong, but ‘Overcome’ even references a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers song (the song is ‘I Need To Know’ if you are interested)

‘Overcome’ is quite obviously a love song about escaping. The video involves, couples, travel, campervans and companionship, and as Mason sings ‘We shall overcome as we’ve done before’ you cannot help but sense the anthemic quality seeping through into your eardrums.

The band say, ‘Overcome’ has always felt like a ‘throw your stuff in a bag and get away song’. Dead Club City (the city) would definitely feel enticing for someone like that. We’re all battling something, so having a song on the album that would describe why someone would want to change felt right’

Dead Club City, the 7th July – it will be a seminal release for Nothing But Thieves. You heard it here first…….

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