OneRepublic return with their new single ‘Wild Life’ which is also one of the tracks for new Disney+ movie ‘Clouds’.

The new single captivates with an extended intro which will catapult you instantly into nature. It sounds angelic and organic with an echoey vocal from frontman, Ryan Tedder. Vocally, it is exquisite with a dreamy aura being present from the get-go. Also, cleverly the group keep true to their signature sound while delving into a new space with a myriad of fresh sounds popping to the forefront of the mix.


Musically, the group travel to a new realm. Furthermore, they take us on an adventure, and they open their door to a whole new space which is refreshing. Nevertheless, loyal OneRepublic fans will not feel out of place with a quality which is similar to their previous hits.

As the track progresses, we hear Ryan push through the mix with a soft and harmonic vocal performance. He sings with genuine confidence, and he leaves no room for any ambiguity lyrically. Also, although the track does not offer massive variation in its arrangement, it drives forward with conviction, and at times it takes hints from the likes of ‘Coldplay’. Is this intentional? I am hesitant, but it works well.

Overall, ‘Wild Life’ is the track we have all been craving. Also, for me, I relish this new direction from the American pop-rock group. They continue to evolve, and their ability to continue churning out hits is awe-inspiring. Also, I enjoy how I can pin-point similarities to their backlog while still putting this song on a ledge of unique distinction.

You can take a listen to ‘Wild Life’ by OneRepublic below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their new release by commenting on our social media accounts below. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris