Pop-rockers, Pale Waves get their 2021 underway with, ‘Easy’. It is a track which carries on from their successful 2020.

The Manchester four-piece, have adopted an American sound here. So much so, they are unrecognisable to their earlier releases. Also, they once drew a comparison to the 1975. But, they now sound like what would happen if Swifty and Avril Lavigne did a duet. It is an exciting direction, and it opens the groups market. Especially, given that this music generally does very well in the states.


Still, the group brings more of a bubblegum pop vibe to the party instead of the rock edge, making them stand out. Even so, Heather’s vocal sounds as delightful as ever with her high tones smashing through the mix. She gets us gripping onto her every word. Plus, her message is piercing, and she speaks about how easy it is to love the one she admires most.

The entire piece brings fresh energy which we all need in our lives. The drum tone is nail-biting, the snare hits with a crispness which is challenging to refuse. Additionally, the guitar leaps out with nostalgia. It takes us back to when this genre was nesting at the top of the chart.

Also, ‘Easy’ is already proving a success with fans grabbing it like a hot dinner plate in a canteen. So much so, could Pale Waves be setting a new trend and barometer for pop-rock in 2021? It appears so, and they are setting the bar high already.

You can take a listen to ‘Easy’ by Pale Waves below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their new release by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think this is the best track from Pale Waves? We love to read your feedback.

Emily Harris