Paloma Faith has revealed that she was left frustrated and disappointed after using dating apps. The singer spoke on the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast and said: “I have been on them all and deleted them as I feel so disheartened.”

Paloma, who has previously been linked to the celebrity-filled app Raya, expressed her disillusionment with the online dating scene. “I feel a lot of people on there aren’t looking for relationships,” she explained. “They are just looking for an easy way to completely ruin the sex industry and get it for free.”

The singer who was married to Rian Haynes from 2005 to 2009 also said that she attracted the wrong kind of attention. “I think everyone I like is going to want to meet me and it isn’t always for the right reason,” she said, reflecting on her encounters. Moreover, Paloma found herself experiencing the frustrating phenomenon of ghosting. “I’m like, ‘We already know I’m just way out of your league and you’re ghosting me! What’s going on?’”

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George Millington