The unifying concept of a concert never ceases to amaze, especially with a seasoned, wholly talented and iconic performer such as Paul Young.  There was absolutely no shortage of love (with plenty of oohing and slight scattered screaming from various women dotted through the crowd) when Young took the stage on Monday night at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. 

He is currently on tour to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the phenomenal album, ‘No Parlez’.  Yes, it’s actually been 35 years; it’s hard to take that on board.  But, Young took the opportunity to reflect and delve a bit into each song, giving background on each, track by track, turning himself into a wistful storyteller at times. 

His performance was liquid and consummate as ever, it’s as easy as breathing for him. He started his set with the smooth vocalese track, ‘Behind Your Smile’ but by the time he got to ‘Come Back And Stay’ the crowd rose to their feet with loads of swaying satisfaction.  As I glanced across the audience, there was just a sea of happy faces, no doubt a lifelong thrill for many seeing an artist they had invested their adoration in for decades.

Young’s constant waves of blues, funk and soul just wash over you song after song, still open and fresh, never dulled, just silky smooth as always.  All coupled with golden backing vocals layered over plenty of dreamy synth and riffy guitars.  It was altogether slickly staged and nearing something effortless.  The final gift of the night was the closing track, ‘Everytime You Go Away’, how could he end on anything else?  Just a stunning set from the first.  Young stated they will be back next year, so be sure not to miss it the next time around!


Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic


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Dana Miller