Australian, drum and bass group, Pendulum are back in business, and they ‘Come Alive‘ once again with their new single, which rocks through the speakers as if they never went away!

Come Alive‘ kicks off with Pendulums‘ signature electronic synth rising to the top of the compound. The thunderous drum rhythm then bites through the mix, and it hits with potency! Instantly, the energy leaks like an open valve and the endorphins reach a new level as the track progresses.

Lead singer Rob Swirle proves to have as much passion as he did when the band broke through the industry gates back in 2002. Furthermore, his vocals are inviting, with his harmonically rich tones gliding through the airwaves with memorable cadence. Also, he sings a poignant message of feeling vital when presumably his lover is around.

Rock Riffs And Dance Foundation

Musically, the entire track is unorthodox; it brings a sound that only Pendulum could get away with currently in the modern scene. Moreover, the heavy rock riffs get us gripping onto every note. But, it also boasts a dance-esque foundation with the synth giving it a new dimension and a soundscape that leaves an indent.

Overall, ‘Come Alive‘ is the perfect return for Pendulum. It is big, bold and the fearless approach from the band is infallible yet again. As a result, it is likely to become a festival anthem with the colossal sound and flow, reminding us of the good times ahead in a post-covid world where festivals get given the green light.

You can take a listen to ‘Come Alive‘ by Pendulum below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So, do you think that this is the best track yet from Pendulum? Or do you prefer the earlier releases from the Australian group?

Emily Harris