Following an interview in which 22-year-old rapper, Post Malone, said fans who are, “looking for lyrics” should avoid hip-hop, the hit-making-machine has since attempted to clarify his words. This comment naturally caused quite the outburst, especially considering Malone makes hip-hop himself. He has since come out to clarify his statement.

He claimed he was drunk during the interview. “It was a beer-tasting interview,” he said, “so they put a lot of beer in my face and asked me what kind of beer tastes good to me, so you know, knowing me, I drank it.”

He added, “Apparently I said that whenever you wanna feel something, don’t listen to hip-hop. It’s funny because who the fuck am I to tell you don’t listen to this and whenever you wanna feel something don’t listen to this? Or who am I to tell you that you should feel a certain way when listening to something?”

The young music-mogul went on to say, “What I was saying was, that when I want to sit down and cry, I listen to Bob Dylan and his guitar, just like everyone else.”

It seems Malone had been trying to defend his comments from the get-go. Shortly after the interview was released, he said via Twitter, “It’s crazy that after all this time im still being questioned. Suck my fucking dick i don’t have to explain shit. i do this shit because i love to do this shit.”

Malone has clarified his position and released his new album Stoney at the beginning of December, which went on to reach number 1 in the US hip-hip album chart. It seems his comments didn’t prove to be much of a hindrance to his record’s success.

Featuring Nicki Minaj, John Mayer, Ty Dolla $ign, and Tommy Lee, the rapper-singer’s sophomore album, Beerbongs & Bentleys, is due in 2018.

Written By: PJ Kimber (LinkedIn).

George Millington