Brighton based alternative rockers, Preacher, have just released their huge new single ‘Forty’, a track packed with the requisite punk rock grit and aggression that is sure to strike a chord with fans of the band and new listeners alike. Looking for something with a bit more muscle, this track should do the trick.

Preacher, formed in Brighton, draw their influence from the likes of heavyweights and stalwarts such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Death From Above 1979 to create an incredible alternative rock sound, which they cleverly and aptly describe as ‘tuneful anger’. Their latest release, ‘Forty’ truly nails their signature sound.

With blistering guitar tones and thunderous riffs, this single is outrageously grungy and one to really get stuck into. The drum sound hits hard, pushing each section towards the next with stacks of energy on tap that seems to never end. The vocals are passionate, emotive and gritty throughout, perfecting matching the driving backline. Production-wise, ‘Forty’ feels polished and very well produced, without ever losing the edgy, DIY punk feel of the music.

If you love new guitar music, do not sleep on Preacher. Plug in now. With a release as bold as ‘Forty’, they are sure to make a mark on the industry in the coming months and a movement to be apart of soon.

George Millington