Rihanna tweeted the British Prime Minister Theresa May encouraging the British Government to start spending £380m towards schooling in some of the world’s poorest countries. The international superstar called on the Prime Minister and International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, to prioritise girls’ education with a historic funding pledge. Rihanna is an ambassador for the organisation Global Partnership for Education (GPE), which raises funds for improve education in 65 developing nations.

Rihanna reached out to a number of world leaders on the social media platfor ahead of a funding conference for GPE in Senegal this week. The UK has historically been GPE’s largest financial backer but there have reportedly been concerns the Government may scale back its commitment.

Rihanna tweeted:

“Hello @Theresa May and @PennyMordaunt, please continue to prioritise girls’ education and be a top funder of @GPforEducation, Will @DFID_UK make a historic commitment of £380M to #FundEducation tomorrow?”

The GPE is aiming to raise $2bn annual funding by 2020. It has asked the UK to commit £380m. According to international aid news website Devex, civil society groups fear Britain’s funding pledge – expected to be announced at the conference this week – will fall short of that figure. It comes after Ms Mordaunt avoided pledging the sum when questioned during a parliamentary committee meeting.

Rihanna previously met with Macron and French First Lady Brigitte Macron to discuss global education last July. She later tweeted, “Thank you Mr. President @EmmanuelMacron and Madame First Lady for the incredible meeting and passion for global and girls education!”

Article by Calla. 

George Millington