Somehow even the most aware of us can be years behind on great music. It took an appearance from one half of the duo on Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ show for me to discover them. Immediately enjoying their well crafted songs, intelligent lyrics and the way they work together so effortlessly.

The reason I bring up Killer Mike and El-P’s duo this week is that I just caught their new video for the song ‘Don’t Get Captured.’ The seventh track from the Run The Jewels 3 album. It’s a acclamation video, following Killer Mike and El-P as they ride along on a skull-cart through what seems to be a theme park ride. Along they way they see skeletons in various social-political situations. Including police brutality, false imprisonment and gentrification. It’s incredibly well made, and somehow fits the song perfectly. Almost as though it was written for a acclamation video. It’s a must see, if you are a fan of unusual music videos!

Where to find Their Latest Releases

Run The Jewels are made up of rappers Killer Mike and El-P. With three amazing albums and a marketing style quite uniquely their own. You can pick up Run The Jewels 1, 2 and 3 for free on their website, as well as plenty of merchandise and any potential tour tickets now! Their song ‘Legend Has It’ can also be heard in the trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’.

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Matt Lott Music News
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