Liverpudlian Scott Beckett has released the stunning new single, ‘Take Me Home’ from his EP, Teach Me To Fly.  The meaningful lyrics are layered over languid, liquid guitarwork and sends a hopeful message and a breath of fresh air.  There is a simple, uncomplicated message here with this track and coupled with such musical artistry, this is one song not to disappoint.  Simply, its just quite a beautiful track.  It is supremely well-crafted and has plenty to navigate.  It hovers on the edge of being slightly rock but really resides in an almost folksy genre.  It is authentic and real, nothing coerced or supposed and it finds a luminosity that is hard to replicate if it’s not genuine.

As a singer/songwriter, Beckett describes his genre of music as ‘acoustic driven with relatable lyrics’ and there is no doubt that is what he has created here.  Stating that most music that’s singer-songwriter based resonates with him (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Calling and of course The Beatles, are some of the strong influences for Beckett), you can feel the injection of some of those artists have made into his creative process and defining his boundaries.  But, he has taken that genre of music and made it his own, finding his way artfully into a space that he occupies comfortably and with great ownership.

 There is no doubt that Scott will travel far on this road, starting with this track.  If this is your music of choice, Scott will be one to watch.








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George Millington